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Sciencecourseware org virtual dating answers

An important class of learning objects are simulations intended to supplement traditional science instruction.

After several years of experience in this endeavor, the Virtual Courseware Project has arrived at a set of ten design principles that it uses to guide its development of new web-based learning activities.

Science teachers seek engaging, effective, and inquiry-based activities that are standards-aligned and convenient to implement in their classrooms.

For many years, the web has provided teachers and students with a vast resource of factual information (some of it multimedia).

This activity also includes a C-14 option for once-living materials that are less than 50,000 years old. Radioactive Isotopes - the "Clocks in Rocks": Numerical and Relative Ages for Rocks.

A numerical (or "absolute") age is a specific number of years, like 150 million years ago.

Most people think that radioactive dating has proven the earth is billions of years old.

After all, textbooks, media, and museums glibly present ages of millions of years as fact.

By dating rocks of known ages which give highly inflated ages, geologists have shown this method can’t give reliable absolute ages.

Students’ answers are graded automatically and stored in a database server hosted by the Virtual Courseware Project, and a printable certificate of completion is issued for each student.

Web-based learning objects continue to evolve as technological advances enhance our ability to create and share high-quality learning resources.

Yet few people know how radiometric dating works or bother to ask what assumptions drive the conclusions. This figure wasn’t established by radiometric dating of the earth itself. Radiohalos shouldn’t exist, according to conventional wisdom!

Though they are very tiny, polonium radiohalos have a huge message that cannot be ignored.

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They point to a catastrophic origin for granites, consistent with the biblical timeframe for earth history and God’s judgment during the Flood.

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