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And third, practice them frequently with your friends. However, recently the term has been adapted to refer to a house, or, as an adjective, baraqué, someone who is really muscular. Like the website, the Fluent U app takes videos like music videos, commercials, news, and inspiring talks and make them into French learning experiences.

If this sounds like a lot of work, there’s another option: Fluent U. For example: On habite dans une grosse baraque avec 10 colocs. En règle générale, les joueurs de rugby sont plus baraqués que les joueurs de foot. Gosse on it’s own though is slang for a child though so watch out! Fluent U lets you learn real French – the same way that people speak it in real life. Videos like movie trailers, funny commercials, and web series, as you can see here: Fluent U makes it really easy to watch French videos with interactive captions. You can tap on any word to see an image, definition, and useful examples.

And suddenly, your French doesn’t seem all that good. First, get the right input: real, authentic content. And while this concept might seem a bit intimidating at first, you will find that you pick it up in no time at all and probably without even realizing.

Perhaps you’ve learned enough French grammar, but not enough everyday French or casual French expressions. You’ll need to toss aside your textbooks and start learning from TV shows, music videos, and the like. Our first example is meuf, which was originally femme. And finally, our last slang word for today is another way of expressing that you are annoyed or angry; être vénère, which is the verlan of être énervé.

With their abbreviated dialect - WLTM, GSOH, SWF - and cliched appeals, personal ads these days can appear anything but personal. It's always fun scanning through lonely hearts sections in newspapers and magazines.

Whether we're looking for love, or just a little curious, or idling away the time on a train journey, there's something intriguing about small ads.

However, they’re using words which you perhaps thought meant one thing, and which clearly mean another… Another type of slang that you might come across is , which are French words spelled backwards, and often incorrectly, in slang.

You go to a café and start chatting with a group of students.

A: Asian AL: Animal Lover AT: All That B: Black BBW: Big Beautiful Woman (could also mean: Big Breasted Woman) BD: Bondage/Domination BHM: Big Handsome Man Ready to Place Your Free Online Personal Ad?

They’re uncovering a lot of secret facets of the lives of young adults that seem incredibly unrealistic to like, actual young adults.

On Monday it was that definitely-not-made-up spreadsheet where city workers in London rated their coke dealers – suggesting that a) there are people out there putting their weekends in jeopardy by ratting out their strangely priced coke dealers to The Sun (who is buying coke for £40 or £180 a gram?

Readers of the London Review of Books (LRB) - the fortnightly British literary magazine - like to do such things differently. Admittedly they don't have a huge success rate (a handful of marriages, a couple of children, at least one divorce), but, if nothing else, they are original.

LRB readers would sooner read the entire back catalogue of Jeffrey Archer novels than place an off-the-peg advert. It's hard, for example, to ignore the unexpected presence of the German Reichstag in this typically untypical advert: "Woman, 38.

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