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Only sex work that occurs in state-licensed brothels is legal.

Street-based sex work and sex work that occurs in hotels is illegal.

Readers were appalled: surely you did not pick up a classical text to read about the relationship between erections and pre-ejaculation fluid?

That it was the finest commentary ever produced on every aspect of a comedy featuring the controversial figure of Socrates seemed to pass people by.

State-sanctioned forced HIV testing of sex workers occurs across the globe, including in the southern African country of Malawi.

But in Malawi, something inspiring has happened: Sex workers are fighting back.

The sex workers who tested HIV-positive were charged with “spreading disease dangerous to life” and, before sentencing, a judge read out their HIV status results in open court.

During this period, other Malawian sex workers reported similar instances of forced HIV testing to human rights groups.

Today every major university has experts in their writings.

The sex workers face criminal charges of intentionally causing ‘serious bodily harm,’ even though there is no evidence they were aware of their HIV status.

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Amnesty International, the Global Network of Sex Work Projects and the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, have all condemned the Greek authorities’ actions as infringements on human rights and discordant with proven public health measures that are successful in preventing HIV transmission.

Municipalities are allowed to determine the number of licensed brothels.

Brothels are not allowed within 200 meters of public buildings, i.e.


It began in 2009, when police officers in southern Malawi raided a bar, arresting male patrons and female sex workers.

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